Blinding Blade is a multiplayer indie game with that allows players to use precision and finesse to defeat opponents.

Take manual control of your blade to execute precision attacks, block blaster shots, feint attacks and perfectly timed blocks to regulate the opposition.

Discover your combat form with over 20 different unique melee combat styles.
-Unleash a barrage of agile attacks to overwhelm defenders
-Make your best shot count with powerful strikes that deal devastating damage
-Counter attack with defensive stances that make the best of defensive situations
-Maneuver around enemy defenses with accurate strikes

Manipulate your enemies, empower your allies and fling your enemies off of cliffs by unleashing powerful abilities.

Unlock powerful abilities to heal, enhance, debilitate and harm your friends and foes.
-Harness the elements of fire, frost, lightning and wind
-Throw and slow opponents with powerful kinetic abilities
-Enhance allies with powerful buffs